Friday 30 December 2011

Where do oppressors go when they die?

Me in Ceasefire, on Christianity and social justice:
As a result of historic defeats the language of the Left is often focused on outcomes, 'equality' and 'social justice' The Bible, on the other hand, is more forthright: it talks of freedom, loosing the yoke, setting the prisoners free. Its vision of another world is not one that is more equal, but one in which the Downpresser Man has been vanquished, and revolutionary discourses heavily influenced by the Bible – reggae, for example – reflect this...

If he is 'the least of these', then Jesus is a Palestinian woman giving birth at a checkpoint in the West Bank, a fourteen-year-old jailed for rioting in Tottenham, a peasant starving in Somalia, a factory worker losing her home to foreclosure in Michigan, an Iraqi street orphan, a black man on death row in Texas, a raped woman who’s told she 'wanted it', a Foxconn employee who kills himself out of despair in China.
He is all the people we have been told to fear and despise, the whole suffering mass of humanity, the wretched of the earth. It’s not Christian to defend mansions and missiles just so long as the government will keep gay marriage illegal. Christian life is to unmask the discourses of power and to end oppression. The promise of Christmas is that injustice will not last forever.

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