Sunday 29 January 2012

Redemption day

There is a train that's heading straight
To heaven's gate, to heaven's gate
And on the way, child and man,
And woman wait, watch and wait
For redemption day

It's buried in the countryside

It's exploding in the shells at night
It's everywhere a baby cries
Sheryl Crow's 'Redemption Day' is one of the most beautiful poetic summaries of Christianity I've ever encountered. Being a Christian is living in the hope that one day, every tear will be wiped from every eye; and that hope is confirmed by Jesus' resurrection, proving that he prevailed over darkness and set the captives free.

And that's a hope far better than that of the Religious Right, who merely expect that their super-buddy Christ will come and kill everyone they dislike with fire. Why be satisfied with that?

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